Greenway Industries is a Minnesota based distributor of ALSET LED lighting products. We have access to a full array of LED products for the interior and exterior needs including downlights, highbays / lowbays, strips with lenses, troffers, tubes, canopy fixtures, street lights, parking lot lights, flood lights, tunnel lights, wall packs, hazardous location fixtures, stadium lights, mogul base lamps and of course a varying array of LED Lamps and light bulbs. Click here to download our brochure.
Types of Lights:

Ballast Compatible: These bulbs / tubes are considered the plug-and-play that can be put into an existing ballast in the fixture. These are used mainly to replace fluorescent lights current in the market. The advantage to this technology is that the instillation is very simple, just install the tubes. However, this product uses more energy than a direct wire bulb or tube.

Direct Wire: These bulbs / tubes typically require an electrician to come and install the lights because it requires removal, or bypass of the ballast fixture. However, it is the most energy efficient retrofit due to the direct wire of input voltage.
Rest assured - When you work with Greenway Industries, you will find the right LED lighting products to solve your specific needs.

OptFit is the way to go. Just ask our clients.

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Problem: Type B bulbs / tubes do not work with existing ballasts and therefore can be quite costly for the consumer to rewire the fixture. Type A bulbs / tubes however do work with "instant start" ballasts and MAYBE some "rapid start" ballasts. However, in either case, should the ballast fail it must be replaced, even if the bulb / tube itself is still good.

Solution: ALSET has patent protection on the innovative technology that we call "OptiFit" bulbs / tubes. These bulbs / tubes are able to fit into any existing fixture. It can work with Magnetic as well as Electronic Ballasts while also working to bypass the ballast entirely. What does this mean? Should the ballast fail, the bulb / tube will continue to work.

Save time & money with a retrofit.

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Exterior Canopy Light
Interior Downlight Interior Highbay Interior Tube Interior Lowbay Interior Strip With Lens Interior Troffer Interior LED Optifit Tube
Interior Downlight
Return on Investment:

We are typically seeing payback in the 4 - 15 month range and 5 year ROI's of greater than 1000% or more in restaurants, retail and hospitality customers for lamps.

Fixture retrofits vary depending on local utility rebates but can provide a positive cash flow using our financing program (distributors and contractors get paid within 30 days of signing the contract).
We take pride in finding the right solution for the right value.

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Data in the ALSET Calculator defines all financial parameters
Starting at $2 each minute, $11 average and $17 max on lamps
Fixture rebates range from $15 - $200+ per fixture
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rebates and return on investment is absolute.

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