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ALSET LED lamps and lighting systems achieve superior performance and efficiency through advanced technologies, proprietary design, and thermal management ensuring reliability and longevity. Our products provide a wide range of color temperatures, matching the light quality and brightness of conventional lighting without burdening the environment and our future with hazardous materials and unnecessary emissions.
Rest assured - When you work with Greenway Industries, you will find the right LED lighting products to solve your specific needs.

Superior performance & efficienty
Consumes up to 90% less energy
Good for you, Good for the environment

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ALSET LED products protect us and our surroundings by eliminating the damaging UV and IR radiation associated with traditional lighting. There is no warm-up, instantly achieving full brightness and constant, stable color. Designed with dimming capabilities and the ability to fit into your standard existing fixtures. This simplifies the migration to LED lighting.
Greenway Industries is a Minnesota based company providing countrywide services specializing in providing energy - an environmental solution for retail, commercial, hospitality and residential. We are a distributor of ALSET LED lighting products.
The ALSET LED product line consumes up to 90% less energy than traditional incandescent lighting and provides a minimum of 50,000 hours of operation. With extensive product development labs, testing facilities, and in-house market research, we are confident that our price, quality and warranty are at the top of the market.
ALSET LED Products: Quality is in our DNA
This ensures quality control of products as well as accuracy of shipping dates and product schedules. We take pride in meeting all lead times.

We carry a full array of energy efficient and environmentally friendly LED products for your home or office.

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Distributed from our 400,000 square foot warehouse located next our Chicago, IL headquarters.

Manufacturing is delegated to 12 factories located overseas, where quality control is closely monitored and constantly improved.

Workforce of nearly 8000 engineers, technicians, and production line manufacturers allows ALSET to create their own components for lamps and fixtures.

Largest plastic circuitry boards in the world.

The only components NOT made by us are the LED diodes.
Performance Verification:

3rd party LM79 performance data
LM80 data on all LEDs
TM21 data on all fixtures
Lighting facts labels on all products
Meets EnergyStar standards
EnergyStar listed or tested
Fixtures are DLC approved / pending

Product Safety:

Certified UL / TUV to UL1993 & UL8750
Designed to prevent shock or fire

Environmentally Friendly:

RoHS compliant
Lead Free
Mercury Free
We promise to find the right products & lighting system for your situation.
Safety Statement: Our testing facilities spend thousands of hours testing individual bulbs to ensure that quality is maintained for all of our products.
Our isolated power drivers ensure that there is minimal chance of electric shock - our innovative technology converts high voltage AC current to low voltage DC current, thus making electric shock impossible to the consumer.
With 23 years of manufacturing expertise behind our motto, we are confident and proud of our zero tolerance approach to electric shock and fire hazards existing in our lamps.
Our lamps are all produced for damp conditions.
Our capacitors are encapsulated in a triple infused silicon foaming that protects the consumer from any fire risk.
Warranty: ALSET's primary goal is to maintain top notch customer service and satisfaction. That is why we have implemented a 20 year warranty on residential lamps, a 10 year warranty on street / area lights, and a 7 year warranty on other commercial products. They are all backed by an established company with 20+ years in the industry and hundreds of millions of dollars in annual sales.

Our Products: Our expertise in component manufacturing is directly evident in the quality of our lighting products. With extensive product development labs, testing facilities, and in-house market research, we are confident that our price, quality, and warranty are at the top of the market. Accordingly, ALSET LED products exceed the highest standards that prevail in the lighting industry. Products are LM70 & LM80 tested, UL / ETL listed, and backed by warranties that exceed industry standards.

Our Future: ALSET has a world class research and development team that is focused on creating innovative solutions in the LED lighting industry. With our passion and devotion to advancements in LED lighting, our team has earned the respect of lighting distributors, architects, designers, engineers, and related professionals worldwide. We continuously develop innovations that will help revolutionize the way we light our world.
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In-Situ Temp Test Data
LM79 Reports
Energy Star
RoHS Compliant
Lead Free
UL Listed
Mercury Free
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